Turkey Tech with Scott Ellis App Reviews

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Turkey Tech

I had a little trouble with the app to start with but tayler was quick to get in touch with me. It is the best turkey calling app. I would suggest it to everyone

Doesn’t Work

Bought this app for 4.99 and it has no sound.

Customer service is great!

Had some trouble with the app, reached out to support and I have to say best customer service I have ever delt with!

Scott is the best BUT,

I pay 4.99 for an app that doesn't work. The home screen is locked up. I can't search, play the sounds or download anything. Any advice! Updating: The App starting working fine last night. I'm Not sure what happened . Now that I am able to use the App, it's great. Thanks for the response!!

Calling tool beyond the turkey vest

This app is a great way to add to the turkey calling knowledge arsenol. A great breakdown of each type of turkey sound with both mouth call and pot calls. I’ve watched and followed Scott for a few years now and have really improved my calling and techniques.

Scott Ellis speaks turkey

This is such an amazing turkey hunting tool. Scott Ellis really knows what he is doing

No sound

Downloaded this app I’ve tried everything I can think of but can’t get sound from any part. Any suggestions?

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